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Some of the many responses

Languages Course

The teachers: fantastic, inspiring! Learned a lot.
Renate & Jelle, NL

We were starters in French. The teachers were very patience with us.Learned the basics very well.
Isa & Melten,Turkey

The course week in Bournemouth was very inspiring. The group was very cozy and we have done and learned a lot of things. Also the social activities after classes were very valuable. Certainly repeatable!
Mettje, NL

It was a beautiful and very educational week. My German language level has increased above my expectations. The atmosphere at school and between the students in my class was very good. Lindau is a wonderful place to stay. My host family was amazing!
Annet, NL

The English language course was of a high level. It's only a pity that the level does not go beyond level C1. The host family was very nice, the excursions offered very beautiful, just like the surroundings. The overall experience was very nice and good.
Anita, NL

Host family was very good and friendly. The General English classes were instructive, meaningful and fun. Have received very good ideas from the teachers. Especially the use of YouTube in English classes. Kindness and helpfulness of the people (including the teachers) at school was great!
Ana, SLO

It's especially the personal attention you get; it's all more than thoughtful. The stay in the host family at Tours is highly appreciated. The director of the language school, at the same time teacher, did a great job. Have improved my business knowledge of French substancially.
John, NL

Social Media Course

I was initially somewhat unconvinced by the contents of the course. The word "Basic" let me think it was something too easy or too simple... I couldn't be wrong more! The contents were "fundamental", updated and I did appreciate all the activities proposed. I would just suggest to have more partecipants; we were just 6 of us (4 italians included), good for one side but not by the side of the professional exchange.
Antonella, Italy

I found the course really interesting, the trainer really prepared and available to solve every question. The experience has enriched me a lot both in terms of teaching staff. I would repeat the experience again.
Giuseppe, Italy

The trainer was excellent. Good feeling with participant and lot of suggestions.
Alessandra, Italy

I found new friends, new ideas and new motivations in my job. I met a professional teacher. It was a wonderful experience.
Gianni, Italy

I got a lot of ideas for my own teaching, and for my school in general. There is a lot I will be able to share with my colleagues as well! Maybe I can even advance our school's ICT curriculum with my new knowledge. The course leader was very friendly, highly competent, very well organized but still very flexible. I also felt well cared for in the time ahead of the course, all my questions were answered quickly and I was given help organizing my stay. A perfect experience!
Julia, Luxembourg

The course was informative, enjoyable and well structured. The presenter was excellent. Future courses could look at social media as a way of promoting a school.
Carian, Ireland

Study Visits & Practical Learning

I really liked the school and their friendly hosting. I have been to a secondary school. Colleagues were very concerned. They were all willing to help me achieve my goals. The organisation from the school and Interprimair was perfect.

I spent interesting time at school, where so many things are different. But I could see my colleagues have the same problems and aims like me. What I really envied to my Dutch colleagues of biology were modern and interactive books and workbooks. What is different from our school system are too many lessons Dutch teachers have to teach during the week. The system of lessons without any break and only short time for lunch can be a little stressful for the teachers and for the students as well.
Frantisek, Slovakia

We completed the course "Education Methods and Teaching Techniques for Gifted Students" in Lincoln. The organisation of the course and visits suited our objectives and aims. we had a good contact with our guide Mr. Williams. Our teachers (13 persons) had good opportunities to improve themselves. Thank you for the cooperation and friendship.

We, teachers of elementary education, had an excellent language course in Bournemouth. The content was well suited to our needs. The teachers were enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable. We have learned a lot what can be put into practice at once.
Sjoukje,Arry-Hieke en Hilda,The Netherlands

I think these kind of job-skadowing is much better than just listen to some lectures. I was very statisfied with the experience. The only improvement I can think of it's making the participants more active.We could have a guest lecture for the kids or something like that.

During the visit in the Ichthusschool school we had an opportunity to see, how the classroom activities are organized, we saw in practice how theory of Dalton pedagogy works in combination with use of ICT technology. Mostly i liked, that children have possibilities to work in they own rhythm, within their work they get more responsible, because they are learning in many ways, and that they choose the activities and tempo of learning. Also they learn how to correctly evaluate themselves. Applications on Ipads were a helpfull and strong accessories to reach their goals. I was also excited with the climate and area in school, it was pleasant and homely. A small suggestion: I am very curious of a teachers teamwork and planning of a week work in a class and I would like to be beside while they are working on it and also tell it to the children. But I know that we have been in school to short time to see all in details. Generally, it was excellent.

My first practical learning experience was very interesting. I met new colleagues workingn with different methods and styles in a whole different framework and structure with different goals to achieve and different priorities to give. I would like to have the opprtunity to prepare a class each day and teach the same topic along with my colleague in a different style at the same time and be able to make the comparison, and give each other feedback which is the most valuable element when it is given among colleagues. There are certainly new things I adopted and will certainly adapt to Greek reality (lack of infrastructure) before I apply them in my everyday teaching. All in all practical learning is an excellent new opprtunity given to new and not so new colleagues to adopt good practices from other European colleagues. I would also liked to propose that the practical learning sessions would better be formed in couples of teachers visiting both schools in both countries. Shortly after the first visit there shoud happen the next one in the other country. This way both schools would have motivation to host job shadowers and the feedback time would be doubled for teachers.

During my practical learning experience, I had the opportunity to visit schools at elementary level. In general it was a very good and different experience for me. There were of course some missed things in organisation. For instance, I did not know about the training language of the schools on forehand. So in this respect, I could benefited from my experience a bit lower than it could be. But the teachers recompensed this situation with their interest and care about me and my questions. Thus, I could get answers to questions in my mind not by observing on my own but by asking to my colleagues. I think, I had much information in my pocket about Dutch education system while coming back to home. And people who were on duty of me, before coming Klaas and during the training Keimpe, were really hospitable. So in general it was a nice experience and I left there gladly.

I stayed in Roosendaal. I visited 2 rst houses and 2 day care centres. Next I Attended a schooling for teacher in Breda. I was able to compare these institutions in both countries. I attended lessons of English, Nursing and medical care. All students and teachers were very nice, sociable and kind. Teachers and students wery very interested in presentation about the Czech Republic, secondary school of nursing and about a quiz which I prepared about my country. Interesting information for them were about a communist party which was a leader in my country from 1948 - 1989. A lot of student want to go to the Czech Republic for a holiday because they want to visit sightseeings and cultural events in my country. Two students want to stay in a Secondary School of Nursing in Prostejov for 3 weeks to attend theoretical and practical lessons in a school and in hospital. My visit in Roosendaal was very useful and interesting for me because I got a lot of information about about the Dutch educational system, life in the Netherlands and could practise my English.

During my job shadowing experience, I had the opportunity to visit schools at elementary level. In general it was a very good and different experience for me. There were of course some missed things in organisation. For instance, I did not know about the training language of the schools on forehand. So in this respect, I could benefited from my experience a bit lower than it could be. But the teachers recompensed this situation with their interest and care about me and my questions. Thus, I could get answers to questions in my mind not by observing on my own but by asking to my colleagues. I think, I had much information in my pocket about Dutch education system while coming back to home. And people who were on duty of me, before coming Klaas and during the training Keimpe, were really hospitable. So in general it was a nice experience and I left there gladly.

This training programme was a great help to me because it gave me an insight on the Dutch educational system and I could see the way they approach inclusion and the way they deal with a wide range of special needs, with a visual impairment in particular. It gave me the chance to share my expertise with other colleagues as well as learning from them. I am sure that sharing experiences and good practice, having an interactive exchange of ideas will lead to improving the teaching methods and strategies, as well as the assessment procedures. It offered me the opportunity to see the equipment they use in lessons and the support they provide for visually impaired pupils in both, special and mainstream schools. Nowadays, in most European countries, pupils with different educational needs are included in mainstream schools and it was useful to know what adaptations and changes in the curriculum they put in place in order to offer an appropriate instructional programme that suits pupils with such diverse range of personalities, abilities and interests.
Beatrice, UK

My programme included a diversity of activities shadowing both teachers and students in their daily activities. Thus, I had daily interviews/ observation sessions with different teachers who were teaching both theory and practical lessons. The theory lessons were mostly focused on offering students the chance to work on a personalized level on a series of activities based on the phase they were 1, 2 or 3. The practical lessons were most focused on motivating students to get a better insight on the practical skills required in the daily life and job requirements (care classes, metal, and paint and wood classes). Also I have spend time observing and interviewing other specialists in the school- social worker, logopedist and discussing activities carried out by the students doing internal work experience. Overall an extraordinary experience in a wonderful school.
Maria, UK

I loved the practical learning in the special need school. We got the opportunity to observe pupils and teachers in their work. During the day there were times to discuss pedagogic, didactic and materials development. We also had time to discuss the question that we had prepared before the visit. We felt very welcome and in different ways the children and the teachers showed us that our visit in the school very prepared and we felt warm harts, curiosity and goodness. Send our regards and thankfullness to the school from oss.
Eva-Marie, Sweden

The school had organised our vistit in an excellent way. I saw a lot that I found very interesting and there where time for us to discuss our experiences. The visit to the pre-school Groen, were also very interesting and we got some useful information about preschool in the Netherlands. When we visited De Wingerd, I found it very interesting, but some time to talk with the teachers should have been organised to exchange experiences and ask questions. Our visit where fulfilled, as far as I´m concerned, when we had some time with the people from the Expertise center! That, to me, made our week a whole experience ! A very nice and educational week in Friesland!!! Thank you all!
Petra, Sweden

During the course I had the opportunity to get to know the Dutch education system in the Netherlands. In the primary school I liked organization of work - the forms and methods. Children learn three languages Dutch, Frisian, and English. Teachers use a puppet called Louie while they teach Frisian language. All should speak only in Frisian, because Loui understands only Frisian.Besides, pupils work in well organized groups for a whole week. They decide what type of activities choose during the day. The weekly schedule is shown on the wall. It is good because children need consistency in their daily routines. Furthermore, in Polish school there are tutors, therapists, pedagogues but we do not have special needs teachers and counselors who support school teachers in the first place.I would like to use a wooden block with a question mark, green and red circles in my school. For instance, during the test students who have questions but do not want to disturb others, put on the desk question mark. I will also introduce the silent reading at the beginning of the classes, time timer, and ear defenders. Hospitality, warmth and kindness of mentor and teachers will remain in my memory for a long time.
Gosha, Poland

All teachers we met were quite excellent.People were friendly,open,modest.Atmosphere in the school was easygoing and all we wanted to discover about a (top)sport talent school was fullfilled.
Peter, Slowakia

The involvement in this practical course helped me: to know and understand Dutch culture, how the teachers prepare for offer students a wide range of knowledge, skills and competencies, improved my English, improved the quality and European dimension my training. This happened because I actually attended at the classes and labs. I was able to observe what teachers and students actually do in the Netherlands. The methods proposed by the organizers: observing, discussing, developing, reflecting, transfering and especially practical executing tasks as a "support teacher" was very effective to understand best practices of the educational Dutch system. At lessons I attended, teachers shared me from their experience.The course was very effective I am very happy with what I've learned. I thank Mr. Klaas FOKKINGA, general manager that gave me the opportunity to observe lessons and practical work in Noorderpoort College School for Laboratory technology. Indeed InterPrimair brings lifelong learning into practic.
Maria, Romania

I have been provided with important and useful pieces of information that I could use in my professional activities and share it among the teachers from my school. The teaching strategies and methods are modern and accompany successfully the educational process of the students with special needs. My objectives were achived for this stage of my professional training. As a recommendation I would suggest to organize some activities of cultural knowledge of the country in the spirit of European cultural diversity.
Madalina, Romania

In all, as a result from this visit I have been acquainted with another country's educational system and the provision of special education in it, and I have enriched my knowledge and experience with elements that can be transferred and implemented to my educational practice. In other words, I consider that my goals and my objectives for this educational program have been reached and the job-shadowing has been an overall pleasant and meaningful experience for me.
Efi, Greece

I had the opportunity to visit schools in the Netherlands, in collaboration with my scholarship agency, a job shadowing training by Comenius and InterPrimair organization.This was an amazing experience in which I saw new teaching methods, new materials, and English lessons for the early age of 4-6. I met enthusiastic teachers and discussed about the education system in the Netherlands and Greece and exchanged thoughts and information about the school life of the two countries. I also enjoyed the hospitality and kindness of the Dutch people who welcomed me very well. I became a school member. Netherlands is a wonderful country with magical landscapes and interesting traditions.The practical learning training has changed the practice in my classroom and has given me some fantastic professional development. Also it provided me with a network of teachers to talk to and collaborate with.
Virginia, Greece

This Comenius seminar provided good insights into more than ten applications, that is, Web 2.0 tools that can be used not only to acquire new teaching materials from various subjects, but also represent great warm-up activities for classes. What all these programmes have in common are the technologies connected to the social networks with emphasis on video materials - how to link an image, audio, and video when making a presentation for classes (multiplatformality) and how to put it all onto social networks (Facebook, Youtube) making each student motivated to learn on their own, that is, to learn new teaching materials both from their personal computers at home and the computers in the school library. Some of the simpler applications that the participants of this seminal had practical work in were, for instance, Dvolver moviemaker that can be used to make animated movies; then Go!Animateu, used to make animated films in which characters speak English, German and several other languages, which makes them ideal for teaching foreign languages; Twiducate, which can be used as a closed social network for schools which would include all of its students (unlike Facebook which has an age limit of 13 years); Wevideo, used for making movies, adding subtitles onto Youtube films; and working with graphical tablets. Social networks are essentially free tools that can be used to upgrade and improve the quality of our work, thus resulting in higher quality learning outcomes. An early talk with students, their parents and colleagues about the negative sides that could inevitably arise is also a good idea, so that we can focus exclusively on the possibilities that social networks have to offer in our work with students, and not the potential dangers. I have no complaints regarding the work organization, field trip and the visit to the Koper Elementary School.
Denis, Croatia

The course offered a variety of opportunities to be implemented in my setting. The excellent balanace between taught content and practical actvities ensured that participants are engaged and motivated. The venue was excellent and the materials provided were of high quality. The trainers were highly knowledgeable and ensured that every participant benefitted from the training, regardless of where they are in terms of their IT skills. The school visit was informative and provided us with an insight on Slovenian education and how they use IT to enhance teaching and learning. I suggest that insted of it it being a one-part course, another training to include evaluation of implementation will be helpful, ensuring that skills acquired are actually put in use. i highly reccommend this course.
Edison, England

My main aim was to learn more about how to use social media in my classes. I learnt a lot of useful things in this course. I realised some important points related with social media in the schools. I got knowledge how to make videos, presentations, conversation pages, etc. These are really good and useful for me. For organisation of the course, it is good in general. But, it will be better if you give duty to one person for accommodation, meals,night parties, and excursions. The main negative side of this course is excursions are not organised by the course provider. You told us choices and places. And, we went to salt farm only. Excursions motivate group atmosphere and group dynamics. My only suggestion is to organise events like that. The city and hotels were perfect. In general, I am happy to attend your course in Portoroz. I hope you will go on this useful course. Thank you to all trainers and organisation team.
Hasan, Turkey

In general I have had a good experience, but to improve it i would reduce the theory contents of the first day (we spented all the day, and it could be only 1 or 2 hours maximum). I would increase the practice contents in prezi, google drive and snagit. I would like to give my agreement to the teachers because they were very kind to us.
Carolina, Spain

In my opinion, the course have been good, I'd liked all in general because all things were new for me. What I'd liked the most, was about prezi, google drive and graphic tablet, because I think that could be very useful for me. But, one suggestion to improve is to reduce the theory content of the first day, I think that only a few videos could be enough to introduce social media. Also, I would like to comment that teachers were very kind with all of us and I'm very pleased with them. Berta, Spain

Meine Kollegin und ich möchten uns nochmal herzlich bedanken für die wirklich interessanten Tage bei Euch. Den Aufbau der Tage fanden wir wirklich gelungen: Der Einstieg über die nationale Ebene des Bildungssystems, dann der Schwerpunkt auf der VVE und dann die konkreten VVE -Ziele für die Gemeinde war schlüssig und für uns gut nachzuvollziehen.Die Rednerinnen waren alle von sehr hoher Qualität, alle sehr gut vorbereitet und sind auf unsere Fragen prima eingegangen.Besonders gefreut haben wir uns über die herzliche Atmosphäre , die uns überall begegnet ist, die "offenen Türen" und die konsequente Umsetzung der Zweisprachigkeit.
Ulrike and Monja, Germany.

Auf diesem Wege möchte ich mich noch einmal für einen sehr schönen Besuch bei Ihnen bedanken. Wir haben uns bei Ihnen sehr wohl gefühlt. Gegenüber unseren Systemen sind Sie in den Niederlanden, so scheint mir, in präventiven Fragen fortschrittlicher. Die Einrichtung eines Consultatiobureau in einer Peuterschool könnten wir uns als Vorbild nehmen. Auch in Sachen Selbstverständlichkeit von Netzwerkarbeit für Kindertagesstätten (Peuterschool und Basisschool) können wir lernen. Bei uns initiieren einzelne Projekte oft solche Vorhaben oder knüpfen Kontakte für zukünftige Zusammenarbeiten, z.B. zwischen Kindergarten und Bibliotheken, zwischen Kindergarten und Familienservicebüro (Consultatiobureau), zwischen Kindergarten und Universität. Zu einer dauerhaften Einrichtung haben wir es leider noch nicht geschafft. Wir können viel voneinander lernen. Dazu war ein Besuch bei Ihnen wertvoll. Vielen Dank für einen guten Besuch und für all die Vorbereitung.
Astrid, Germany

Vielen Dank für die herzliche und großzügige Aufnahme bei Ihnen! Der Aufenthalt bei Ihnen in den Niederlanden haben mich (wieder einmal) sehr zum Nachdenken gebracht! Einige Erfahrungen die ich im Zusammenhang mit dem Aufenthalt bei Ihnen gemacht habe, waren mir fremd. Dieses Befremden erlebe ich vor allem als "wach-werden"! Aufmerksam-sein - für das was in der Situation mit allen Beteiligten und mir passiert! Wichtig war und ist für mich bei dem Besuch bei Ihnen, mehr zu erfahren über das Leben in den Niederlanden - das Bildungssystem kennenlernen - und vor allem die Menschen erleben! Sie und Ihre Kolleginnen und Kollegen, als auch die Kinder haben mich reich beschenkt mit Ihrer Offenheit und Herzlichkeit. Die Einblicke, die mir bzw. uns gewährt wurden, klingen in mir nach und werden mich weiter begleiten, anregen und meine Arbeit beeinflussen. Für diese Erlebnisse danke ich Ihnen recht herzlich!

It was a great experience, the staff at the school took really care of us in an excellent way. They did their best to help us and shared their experience to us. It was interesting for us to see how they worked with the students in many differnt situations. Unfortunally we did not got the information that the school did not have any students integrated into ordinary classes or in the regular school at all. It was intresting to see all the modern equitements and how the teachers worked with the students. They were in our opinon very professional! We also wanted to know about the teachers education and we got a lot of answers from the staff. About the AAC (Augmentattive and Aternative Cmmunication) it was similar as in Sweden. It was really interesting to recognise that. We will make a presentation for our collegues about our jobshadowing and we a sure it will resultate in many interesting discussions. We appriciate that you arrenged our visit so quickly and allowed all four of us to come at the same time.
Margareta, Sweden
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