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Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction 1.1 These terms and conditions apply to the course booked by the customer which is delivered by Interprimair (IP) and its partners. 2. Definitions 2.1   “IP”   means   Interprimair   a   company   based   in   The   Netherlands,   registration   number   52138984,   and   which   is   the   provider   or   the   agent   of   training   services under these terms and conditions. 2.2 “The Customer” means the party that has booked a place on a course for one or more delegates. 2.3 “The Course” means the relevant training course, service or activity provided by IP. 2.4 “The Delegate” means an individual who attends a course. 3. Training 3.1   IP   or   its   partners   will   provide   training   in   accordance   with   the   course   booked   by   the   customer.   The   content   of   the   course   will   be   as   specified   in   the relevant   course   material   issued   by   IP   or   its   partners.   The   course   content   may   be   subject   to   change   at   the   point   of   delivery   and   in   agreement   with   the customer. 4. Course Bookings 4.1   Courses   may   be   booked   by   the   customer   through   IP’s   course   booking   website.   On   receipt   of   the   request   for   a   course   booking,   IP   will,   subject   to   the availability   of   the   course   and   places   thereon,   confirm   within   a   reasonable   period   of   time   the   course   booking,   including   the   dates   when   the   course   will   be provided   and   the   number   of   delegates   the   customer   has   booked   who   will   attend   the   course.   Within   a   reasonable   period   of   time   thereafter,   the   customer will confirm the names of delegates who will be attending the course. 5. Fees 5.1 All fees are priced in Euros and subject to VAT as per VAT law in the country where the course will take place. 5.2   All   payment   should   be   made   in   full   21   calendar   days   prior   to   the   commencement   date   of   the   course.   Confirmation   and   acceptance   of   a   delegate’s booking is at the discretion of IP or it partners in the instances when payment is not received prior to the commencement of the course. 5.3 IP reserves the right to refuse admission of a delegate to the course. 6. Cancellation 6.1   The   customer   may   cancel   their   course   bookings   for   free   by   providing   at   least   30   calendar   days’   written   notice   *)   to   IP   prior   to   the   scheduled   course commencement   date.   If   between   30   and   15   calendar   days’   notice   is   given   the   customer   will   be   charged   for   50%   of   the   course   fees.      If   less   than   15   days’ notice is given, the costumer will be liable for 100% of the course fees. 6.2   IP   may   cancel   any   course   providing   full   reimbursement   of   course   fees   if   21   or   more   days   written   notice   *)   is   given   prior   to   the   scheduled   course commencement date. 7. Delegates 7.1 Delegates will be required to comply with all relevant IP rules, regulations and codes of conduct whilst on IP’s or its partners’ premises. 7.2   IP   or   its   partners   may   at   its   own   discretion,   expel   any   delegate   who   by   reason   of   disruptive   behaviour   or   misconduct   proves   themselves   to   be   unfit   to complete the course. Under these circumstances full course fees will be payable. 8. Certificates 8.1 Unless otherwise specified by IP or its partners, on successful completion of the course, the delegate will be awarded a certificate by IP or its partners. 8.2 No certificate will be issued before full payment is received. 9. Liability and Indemnity 9.1   The   customer   agrees   to   indemnify   and   hold   harmless   IP   from   all   claims   made   in   respect   of   personal   injury   (including   injury,   allergies,   illness   or   disease that may/may not result in death) and/or loss of or damage to any property, including third party property. 9.2 The total aggregate liability of IP or its partners to the customer or its delegates, shall not exceed the price of the course. 9.3   IP   shall   not   be   liable   to   the   customer   under   any   circumstances   for   any   consequential   or   indirect   loss   or   damage   or   loss   of   profit   incurred   by   the customer. 10. Force Majeure 10.1   Neither   party   shall   be   liable   for   non-performance   or   delay   of   performance   which   is   due   to   any   cause   beyond   its   reasonable   control   including   (without limitation)   inclement   weather,   fire,   flood,   industrial   action   (other   than   that   involving   either   IP   and   its   partners   or   the   customer),   explosions,   government regulations   and   orders   and   acts   of   God.   In   the   event   that   the   course   cannot   be   delivered   by   IP   or   its   partners   due   to   Force   Majeure   then   IP   reserves   the right to provide the course at another time and date without additional charge to the customer. 11. Intellectual Property Rights 11.1   All   intellectual   property   rights   with   the   course   material   shall   vest   in   and   remain   with   IP   or   its   partners.   Copies   of   any   course   materials   provided   to delegates shall only be made with the prior written permission of IP or its partners. 12. Confidentiality 12.1   The   customer   shall   keep   in   strict   confidence   all   technical   or   commercial   know-how,   specifications,   inventions,   processes   or   initiatives   which   are   of   a confidential   nature   and   have   been   disclosed   to   the   customer   by   IP,   its   partners,   employees,   agents,   consultants   or   subcontractors   and   any   other confidential information concerning IP’s business or its products which the customer may obtain. 13. Notices 13.1   All   notices   to   IP   shall   be   in   English   or   German   and   sent   to   Interprimair   ,   Wiesterwei   8   ,   9143   WJ   Nes   ,   The   Netherlands   and   to   the   customer   at   such address as they may have given to IP. 14. Governing Law and Jurisdiction 14.1 These   terms   shall   be   governed   by   and   construed   in   accordance   with   Dutch   law   and   subject   to   the   exclusive   jurisdiction   of   the   Courts   of   the   Kingdom   of The Netherlands. 15. Data Protection 15.1   The   customer   and   IP   agree   that   IP   and   its   partners   are   permitted   to   hold   personal   information   about   delegates   as   part   of   its   personnel   and   business records   and   IP   may   process   such   personal   data   as   part   of   IP’s   role   as   data   controller   or   data   processor   as   the   case   may   be,   in   accordance   with   the   Data Protection Act. *)   By   registered   letter   or   by   email.   Only   a   formal   signed   (email)   confirmation   by   Interprimair   or   its   partners   is   valid   as   proof   of   cancellation.   In   both cases, the date of receipt counts as the date of cancellation .
Copyright © 2017 Interprimair. All rights reserved.

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